A tender electric management meter was launched by Elecnova 2020 May.15

According to statistics, in the past five years, there have happened 2,314 student dormitory fires nationwide! On average, student dorms catch fire every day. With the construction of smart campuses and safe campuses becomes more and more popular, as an important part of the construction of smart campuses, students dormitory electricity prepayment and electricity safety management measures are essential.


In order to strengthen the management of safe electricity consumption in schools, improve the awareness of saving electricity, eliminate hidden dangers of electricity consumption, and avoid fires, more and more schools began to introduce intelligent prepaid management systems, and newly installed intelligent electricity management systems in student apartments, not only can meet the needs of normal use, it integrates functions such as electric energy metering, charge management, and power consumption process management. It has functions such as remote real-time meter reading measurement, controlling students' work and rest, identifying and early warning vicious loads, cloud platform network access, WeChat query reminder. Create an economical campus and a safe campus to facilitate the integration and informationization of school management, and truly realizes the original design intention of high efficiency, convenience and security.


A domestic vocational and technical college expands its campus according to development needs, and plans to build 3 student apartments, about 680. In order to strengthen the management of metering and billing for student apartments, it is necessary to build an intelligent prepayment management system.


Our program design

In this project, in order to separately control the lighting, socket and air conditioning of each dormitory, adopting one-in-three-out wiring, that is, each room installed one meter, and the background system can separately pass the built-in switching element (Magnetic holding relay) to realize the separate control and management of the three circuits, and realize the unification of accounts.


The DDSY1946A-13 smart meter developed by our company for dormitory power consumption can be connected to air conditioning, lighting, and sockets respectively, and pre-paid control, load control, and time control can be implemented for the three-way outlets. This electric meter is connected to the communication management machine through wired communication. The communication management machine is then connected to the switch in the monitoring room through optical fiber (the LAN can also transmit data through the reserved Ethernet interface). The host and server interconnect with the switch to realize the data interaction.


DDSY1946A-13 energy meter

Support one-way incoming and three-way outgoing (according to the dormitory electricity situation, respectively connected to air conditioning, lighting and sockets), and implement prepayment control, load control and time control for the three-way outgoing. The electric energy meter supports the pre-paid work method of paying electricity before using electricity, and provides good help for the user's charge management.




The energy meter has rich load management functions. According to different outlet circuits, can set different modes, such as: the air conditioning circuit has an air conditioning mode, and the socket circuit can be set to turn off the light mode. At the same time, it also has a vicious load identification function. When students use some high-power illegal appliances in the dormitory (such as fast heat, induction cooker, etc.), the energy meter will automatically open and cut off the power supply, which can effectively prevent dangerous accidents. At the same time, through the white list setting, some designated electrical appliances (such as drinking fountains, etc.) can be used normally.


The energy meter provides two sets of control timetables for lighting, socket and air conditioning circuits, which is convenient for the school management department to control different circuits on / off at different times according to the actual situation, to meet the requirements of timing control management.


How to choose the communication management machine

The front-end communication manager adopts the S3100C8E1BD communication manager, which supports all the upstream ports (TCP / IP network ports) and 8 downstream ports (RS485 ports, each downstream port can connect up to 32 energy meters).


The S3100C8E1BD communication management machine uses DC24V DC power supply; in the entire communication link, it plays the role of the conversion of the upper and lower networks, and is the core component of the entire communication network.


The communication management device mainly has the following characteristics

1. Comes with Linux operating system, which can process and store data without relying on the background machine;

2. Support Modbus-RTU, DL / T645 serial port protocol;

3. Support DDR264MB Memory for data storage to prevent data loss;


Functional architecture of prepaid system


Since charge management and account management are inseparable in business processes, therefore, the related operations of charge management and account management are combined into one place, which is collectively called pre-paid management.


System advantages

1. The prepaid meter supports the identification function of vicious load, and power off when the capacitance is exceeded.

2. The pre-payment system supports pre-payment function, arrears trip, remote control, and realizes unattended operation.

3. The system supports the remaining power early warning and alarm functions, and supports WeChat reminder.

4. The system supports multiple charging methods such as cash and WeChat.

5. The system uses a cloud platform architecture to support simultaneous access by multiple users. Mobile phones, PAD, and PC can access data as long as they are connected to the Internet for management and maintenance.

6. The system uses a cloud platform architecture, our company can realize remote maintenance and management, fast response rate, and save after-sales costs. At the same time, the cloud platform architecture can be expanded indefinitely, and it supports later point access.


University dormitory, as a special application, has different requirements from other applications on the basis of traditional power management needs. In addition to the commercialization of basic electricity management, more emphasis is placed on electricity safety and on-demand control: independent measurement and control of lighting, plug-in, and air conditioning circuits do not interfere with each other; the use of illegal appliances such as water heaters and hair dryers is prohibited; the lighting and socket circuits are interrupted at regular intervals according to working days and holidays.


The dormitory prepayment system configurate by SFERE is customized for the special application of dormitory in colleges and universities, and realizes the shunt metering and shunt control, energy monitoring, time management, load management, prepayment management, etc. The special needs that exist in college dormitories provide 24H escort for school safety.

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