What is a Super Capacitor Power Bank


What is a super capacitor power bank? Super capacitor power bank has the characteristics of high power density, short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy saving and environmental protection. Super capacitors are widely used.


The difference between super capacitor power bank and battery is that both super capacitor and battery are energy storage components. But there are differences. The energy storage process of super capacitor is a physical process, and the energy storage of battery is a process of chemical reaction. There are essential differences between the two. The power characteristics of super capacitor power bank are better than that of battery, which can charge and discharge rapidly with high current. The energy density of battery is higher than that of super capacitor power bank, and the battery has more energy storage under the same volume; Because of the charging physical process of super capacitor, it has a long service life. Generally, the charge and discharge times of the super capacitor reach more than 500,000 times, and the battery charge and discharge times are much less. The lead-acid battery has 500 times, and the lithium battery has 1000-1500 times. The charge and discharge times of different types are different. The working temperature of super capacitor is wider than that of battery, - 40 to 65 ℃.


Super capacitor power bank is made of carbon based active material, conductive carbon black and binder as electrode material, which uses polarized electrolyte to absorb positive and negative ions in electrolyte to form electric double layer structure for energy storage. The energy storage process basically does not take place chemical reaction, so the cycle life is very long. For lead-acid batteries, for example, lead-acid batteries use lead plates filled with spongy lead as negative electrodes, lead plates filled with lead dioxide as positive electrodes, and 1.28% dilute sulfuric acid as electrolyte. When charging, electrical energy is converted into chemical energy, and when discharging, chemical energy is converted into electrical energy


Because of its high specific capacity, high power density, long cycle life, high stability and environmental friendliness, super capacitor power bank have shown great application prospects in many fields, such as portable and wearable electronic products. However, how to further improve its application efficiency is an important problem to be solved. For example, there is an urgent need to develop a super capacitor that can directly and real-time reflect its working state, and remind users to charge in time before the power is used up, so as to realize the safe and efficient operation of the device. But so far, such intelligent super capacitor has not been reported.


Intelligent capacitor power bank is based on self-healing low-voltage power capacitor as the main body, intelligent measurement and control processor as the control center, using micro electronic software and hardware technology to achieve zero crossing control of thyristor, delay switching of mechanical magnetic latching relay contact, and zero crossing switching technology of mechanical magnetic latching relay and thyristor compound, switch circuit power factor compensation and power factor correction is carried out for 0.4kV low voltage line.

The intelligent capacitor power bank integrates sensing technology, network technology and the latest electrical technology, and combines them into intelligent, miniaturization and networking. Compared with the traditional low-voltage reactive power compensation products, its operation is simpler, the interface is more intuitive, there is no professional requirements for users, and has automatic cycle switching; three-phase compensation, split phase compensation, mixed compensation, hierarchical optimization compensation, mixed level optimization compensation; over-current / over-voltage / under voltage / under current, loss of voltage, phase loss, harmonic, temperature protection; measurement, control, on Information and other functions.

The structure of intelligent capacitor power bank breaks through the existing low-voltage reactive power compensation equipment, realizes the new mode of decentralized control and centralized management; the compensation system has the characteristics of less devices, small temperature rise, small volume, small power consumption, anti harmonic; simple structure, easy to realize standardization, standardization, flexible configuration of capacity, safety, reliability, economy, easy to use, etc. The active power of distribution transformer is increased, the investment of capacity increase is reduced, and the loss of compensation system is reduced. The real-time switching of decentralized control increases the stability of the compensation system. Zero crossing control reduces the impact of inrush current on the system voltage. It is of great significance to stabilize the system power grid, reduce equipment loss and improve the service life of capacitors, and is of great significance to energy conservation and environmental protection. Do a good job in power factor correction.

Difference between intelligent capacitor and traditional capacitor

Firstly, the intelligent capacitor uses the most advanced switching switch to realize zero crossing switching without inrush current.

Secondly, the intelligent capacitor can realize over-voltage and under voltage protection; the capacitor over temperature and phase loss protection, when the internal temperature of the capacitor exceeds 60 degrees, the capacitor will cut off by itself, improve the service life and ensure the safe operation of the system. At the same time, the intelligent capacitor can effectively control the intelligent components, and can self diagnose the operating parameters of the body. Once the self-test fault occurs, the whole machine will respond quickly and exit the operation.

The power factor is related to the load property of the circuit. For example, the power factor of the resistance load such as incandescent bulb and resistance furnace is 1. Generally, the power factor of the circuit with inductive or capacitive load is less than 1. Power factor is an important technical data of power system. Power factor is a factor to measure the efficiency of electrical equipment. The low power factor indicates that the reactive power of the circuit used for AC magnetic field conversion is large, which reduces the utilization of equipment and increases the power supply loss of the line. Therefore, the power supply department has certain standard requirements for the power factor of the power consumption unit.

(1) Basic analysis: take equipment as an example. For example, the power of the equipment is 100 units, that is, 100 units of power are delivered to the equipment. However, due to the inherent reactive power loss of most electrical systems, only 70 units of power can be used. Unfortunately, although only 70 units are used, it costs 100 units. In this example, the power factor is 0.7 (if the power factor of most equipment is less than 0.9, it will be fined). This kind of reactive power loss mainly exists in electrical equipment (such as blower, pump, compressor, etc.), also known as inductive load. Power factor is the measure standard of motor efficiency.

(2) Basic analysis: each kind of motor system consumes two kinds of power, which are real active work (called kW) and reactive reactive reactive power. Power factor is the ratio of active work to total power. The higher the power factor, the higher the ratio of active work to total power, and the more efficient operation of the system.

(3) Advanced analysis: in inductive load circuits, the peak current waveform occurs after the peak voltage waveform. The separation of the peak values of the two waveform can be expressed by power factor. The lower the power factor, the greater the separation between the two waveform peaks. Capacitor power bank can make the two peaks close together again, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the system.


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