Case study for Power quality mitigation wireless remote monitoring solution applied in Chip set Manufacturing project


Project backgrounds

Integrated circuit chip(short as IC ) manufacturing industry is a precision manufacturing industry with highly capital-intensive and technology-intensive. The production process needs high environmental cleanliness and strict temperature and humidity control. The manufacturing process is highly automatic which request a high standard for the power quality of the electric system. 



The IC manufacturing has many key equipment, many working position instruments, and various and complex process steps. In addition to the power supply and distribution system, transmission system, ultra pure water purification system, vacuum system, air cooling system and special gas distribution system are also required to assure the implementation of the production process and the safe operation of key equipment.


Since the production conditions of the whole factory are finally realized by the power supply, the IC manufacturing has particularly high requirements on the quality of the power supply. According to the actual situation of semiconductor factories, the SFR-PQM power quality mitigation platform is designed.


SFR-PQM Power Quality Mitigation Wireless monitoring Platform

Power quality mitigation platform (SFR-PQM) is a complete ecosystem formed by connecting all power quality devices to the cloud.


The users can flexibly check a variety of power quality parameters in real time, with high platform integration, effective multi-channel data convergence, support 4G cellular network multi-band coverage, RS232/RS485 and other communication interfaces with various data acquisition methods; It adopts high-performance industrial wireless module, supports -35 ° c~+75 ° C extremely wide temperature range, easily adapts to high temperature and severe cold working environment, and provides reliable networking and stable communication for unattended system.



Product advantages

Convenient operation

In the format of Wchat applet, the user is no need to installed the Wechat APP on their mobile phone, which is simple to operate and convenient to interact.




Devices Available

Available for the active harmonic filter (AHF)cabinet for harmonic filtering, static var generator (SVG) cabinet for reactive power compensation and intelligent reactive power compensation cabinet by Elecnova/Sfere Electric.


Wireless Visualize mobility

The graphical interface visually displays various electric energy data in the cabinet and analyzes the harmonics and power factor of the power distribution system, and provides the switching operation interface.




Distribution network

The power quality data of the cabinet is automatically integrated when it is connected to the network, and there is no need to manually add it.


Remote control

Centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrading, diagnosis, maintenance and control of a large number of scattered equipment in various scenario . It could reduce the maintenance costs dramatically and improve management efficiency.





Relative Products


WGK- 31-700 reactive power compensation control terminal

Reactive power compensation control terminal is a set of equipment specially used for correcting power factor and compensating reactive power, which has the function of automatic detection and control of reactive power. Through advanced visual analysis and calculation tools, combined with advanced power quality monitors, professional control and management of power quality can be achieved.





Product advantages

The dynamic user interface for real-time monitoring and control combines real-time display and control functions to achieve more effective control and higher operation efficiency.


Harmonic analysis

Through the form of graphics and tables to achieve 2-31st harmonic data analysis.


Safety and stability

Through software framework redundancy, network redundancy and communication redundancy to achieve fault tolerance and ensure data reliability. Monitor the power factor fluctuation within the set time range, and compare the power factor before and after compensation.


Alarm trigger 

Based on the alarm trigger of specific conditions, the independent on-screen alarm prompts record events and all relevant data in sequence.


Function extension

21-channel level control output or intelligent capacitor networking control.



Operation and maintenance management  

Capacitor module replacement reminder, residual capacity and cumulative operation time calculation, provide first-hand data of equipment for on-site maintenance personnel to ensure the safe operation of reactive power compensation.


WGK-31-700 integrates multi-function meter, reactive power compensation controller and ammeter. WGK-31-700 is not only functional integration, but more systematic data processing, providing customers with more intuitive and comprehensive operation and maintenance management information, realizing the effect of "1+1+1 > 3". WGK-31-700 + SFR-PQM are generally used in combination, including reactive power compensation control terminal, 4G module and application program. That is, the reactive power compensation control terminal is modularized and connected to the power quality mitigation platform to form a set of application solutions from offline to online, from local to remote.


With the wide application of advanced manufacturing and edge control technology in technology-intensive industries, enterprises will have higher and higher requirements for real-time monitoring of power quality data. The application of wireless data transmission technology in this field can provide users with a large number of real-time power quality in different locations in the cheapest and most convenient way, which is the future development direction of the industry.


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