Sfere-NPMS-S Campus Prepaid System Introduction


The electricity demand of student dormitories is becoming more and more complicated, and the management of electricity safety and electricity fee collection is also facing new challenges. Aiming at the characteristics of the dormitory's three-way single-phase circuit for lighting, sockets, and air conditioning, Sfere specially developed a DDSY1946A-13 prepaid din rail mounted electric energy meter with one input and three output. The electric energy meter has the functions of incoming line billing and independent opening and closing control of three outgoing lines to realize the safety monitoring of lighting, socket and air conditioning, meet the needs of users' metering and charging, power consumption control according to work and rest time, avoid the use of high-power appliances, and integrate electricity charging and electricity safety.


The system software provides scene managementsuch as dormitory check-in and exchange, and has the functions of charging process management and security mode configuration. At the same time, it supports access to water meters to realize the prepaid collection mode of water fees.



Lighting work and rest time-sharing control

Outlet light off mode of socket

Air conditioning outgoing anti-pull out monitoring

Water and electricity linkage charge

Malignant load / white list

Unified charging of incoming line



System functions



System structure



Core hardware


The equipment layer of campus prepaid system is based on DDSY1946A-13 series prepaid rail-mounted electric energy meter with 1 input and 3 outputs designed according to the characteristics of the school. Unified measurement at the incoming line, 3 outgoing lines can be set to the lighting circuit light-off protection mode, the socket circuit light-off low-current mode and the air-conditioning circuit standby monitoring mode, etc., to realize the intelligent management of the power consumption of the student dormitory.


Main functions of the system

01 Dormitory Business Service


The dormitory management personnel can carry out all business processing in the dormitory business, including student check-in, recharge, refund, dormitory exchange, expense settlement and other functions. The dormitory management is displayed through a list card, and can be processed after positioning in the dormitory, as well as remote opening and closing, malignant load release and other operations. The system supports a variety of recharge and payment methods, and can customize the campus all-in-one card recharge and payment function.


02 Power consumption mode setting




The system realizes the functions of turning off the lights according to the work schedule and automatic power off during the holidays by sending the relevant holiday and semester dates to the electric energy meter. During the beginning of school, the system will turn off the power supply of the lighting circuit regularly according to the work and rest time and enter the light off working mode. When in the light off mode, the socket circuit enters the low-power power supply mode, which is only allowed to meet the power supply demand such as mobile phone charging. When the power consumption of socket circuit exceeds the set threshold, the system will cut off the power supply of socket circuit.


In order to prevent students from using the air conditioning socket for power supply of other equipment, the air conditioning circuit has built-in standby monitoring function. Once students pull out the air conditioning plug, the system will cut off the power supply of the air conditioning circuit.


03 Water and electricity linkage charge

The system supports the access of intelligent water meter and realizes the prepaid  payment mode for water use. In order to urge students to pay water fees in time, the system provides a scheme for controlling water with electricity. When the water fee in the dormitory is in arrears, the electricity in the dormitory can be cut off, so as to urge the timely payment of the water fee.


04 Free quota distribution


In view of the fact that the school has subsidies for water and electricity, the system provides the function of free quota distribution. The electricity generation/water quota can be set according to the dormitory or the number of students. The system will charge for electricity consumption after the quota is deducted.


05 Batch account opening and dormitory exchang 

The system realizes the function of batch account opening through Excel table import. Through this function, users can apply for new students' check-in and account opening business in advance before school starts. Through the batch dormitory exchange function, a large number of dormitories can be quickly adjusted at the end of the semester.


06 Batch check-out of dormitory


When students leave school after graduation, they need to check out the dormitory and pay the expenses. The system provides the function of checking out in batches according to college classes. Users only need to select the specified college and class to complete the check-out business of the corresponding dormitory.


07 Malignant load monitoring 


The malignant load monitoring function can prevent students from using illegal electrical appliances such as fast heating and hair dryer in the dormitory. The system provides tools to obtain the characteristic parameters of illegal electrical appliances. The prepaid watt-hour meter calculates the power consumption characteristic parameters of the socket circuit in real time. When the power consumption characteristic of the illegal electrical appliance is matched, it will send a safety alarm signal to cut off the power supply of the socket line in time.


08 Electrical whitelist management


The system provides the function of whitelist management for the school to allow the use of specified electrical equipment. By adding the characteristic parameters of allowed electrical appliances to the whitelist, it can avoid being identified as malignant load and ensure the normal use of the electrical appliances.


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