Elecnova 3.4MWh ESS Container


Elecnova newly launched 20Ft size air-cooled ESS container with 3.404MWh, battery system configuration 10P380S.The product is an energy storage product that integrates energy storage battery system, energy management system, air conditioning system and fire protection system. It has the advantages of high energy density, transportation friendly and easy installation with high protection level. The DC output can be realized with the voltage booster cabinet. Voltage levels of 6kV and above are connected to the grid available. It can be used in energy storage applications with large power and energy capacity requirements.





  • Safe and reliable

It adopts the industry's high-end, special-purpose LPF battery for energy storage, which has high energy density, long cycle life, safety, reliability and non-spontaneous combustion;


  • Cost effective

The system has low energy consumption and high charging/discharging efficiency, and supports various applications such as industrial and commercial, micro-grid, peak shaving, demand control, power backup and black start;


  • Smart temperature control

The digital temperature control system ensures that the cluster-level temperature difference within the battery pack is not greater than 8°C.


  • Intelligent operation and maintenance

The 3-level BMS-EMS control structure realizes real-time monitoring of crucial data such as battery core data, PCS, air conditioning, and fire protection. Realize remote monitoring and operation and maintenance through EMS, reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve operation and maintenance timeliness.


  • Smart string

It can be used with modular PCS and has no cell circulation, achieving consistent and accurate control of the battery system.


  • Precise temperature control

One battery compartment and one door-mounted cooling air conditioner are used. The air duct accurately delivers cold air and recycles hot air to achieve accurate control of battery system temperature consistency and modular temperature control thermal management strategy.







About Elecnova/Sfere Electric

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