Elecnova Energy Storage EMS System Introduction


1. EMS System Overview

Elecnova Energy Storage EMS is a fully stack self-developed energy management system designed for industrial and commercial energy storage applications. 

It adopts cloud-edge integration design to achieve fully automated equipment access and parallel operation, multi-terminal real-time operation and monitoring, strategy optimization operation and demand management, remote operation and alarm, and second-level battery cell operation data collection and analysis, etc. 

The EMS system includes: EMS on-site controller, big data acquisition platform, energy storage business platform, energy storage operation and maintenance platform, online APP, on-site APP, on-site WEB, etc. 


2. EMS System Features

Cloud-edge collaborative design, multi-terminal integration

Supports cloud monitoring and on-site monitoring of energy storage systems, provides on-site HMI, on-site/online WEB, on-site/online APP multi-terminal integration mode collaborative operation and unified management, and realizes digital, flexible, and unified operation and maintenance management of user-side energy storage systems.

Intelligent policy management with diverse application scenarios

The system has various operation strategies, supporting peak-valley arbitrage, demand management, capacity control, anti-backflow, intelligent strategy and other operation modes, and accurately delivering time-sharing solutions and strategy libraries. 

It supports data access and combined operation scenarios of multiple systems such as solar-storage-diesel-charging, and fast and efficient coordinated control.

Unified access to devices, safe and efficient operation and maintenance

Support unified access of energy storage devices of different models and protocols to the big data collection platform, and support real-time data collection of tens of millions of points. The energy storage operation and maintenance platform provides unified equipment management, automatic fault location, digital order processing, operation statistics and analysis, and operation and maintenance screen functions.

Second-level data collection and full data monitoring

Real time transmission of full operational data of the energy storage system, achieving cloud based panoramic data monitoring. Adopting a core timing library+distributed timing library approach to achieve redundant data backup and storage of data with different granularities, ensuring that system operation and analysis are traceable.


3. EMS System Architecture



4. EMS System Interface

4.1  Online WEB interface



4.2  On-site Web Interface



4.3  Online APP



4.4 On-site APP



4.5 On-site HMI


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