What are the Benefit for Using the Din Rail Power Meter



At present, most of terminal electric energy meter generally utilized the conventional wall mounted installation method, which has the disadvantages of large volume and inconvenient installation. The din rail mounted power meter is a new generation of micro intelligent power meter, which is used in 380V / 220V power distribution system. It is installed in standard 35mm din rail and its width matches with that of miniature circuit breaker. It can be easily installed in small power distribution box.

The din rail power meter available of the market mostly is LCD display to measure electric energy and other electrical parameters. It can set the parameters such as clock, rate period, etc., and has the function of power pulse output. RS485 communication interface can be used to realize data exchange with upper computer. It provides an effective solution for the power metering of low-voltage lighting terminal. It can be widely used in buildings, shopping malls, exhibition centers, schools, airports, ports and factories. The technical requirements of  din rail power meter in standard DL / T614 are applicable to separate measurement of electric energy in government agencies and large public buildings, and can also be used for power management assessment of enterprises and institutions.

Product Introduction


The Elecnova single phase DDS1946-2p din rail power meter produced by Sfere Electric,which supports the maximum input current is 100A, is designed by using the latest technology of ADI company ADE7169F16. Ade7169 integrates high-precision metering unit module, 8052 MCU and its peripheral modules. The metering module has high measurement accuracy at 0.5S , can measure operating parameters such as current and voltage RMS of each phase, active power, reactive power and grid frequency of each phase and the total, with large overload multiple. The MCU of 8052 on chip has 16K flash, 512b ram and a variety of peripheral modules. The on-chip RTC module, LCD driver module, power management module, SPI / I2C interface module and UART communication module, which support low-power temperature compensation, can realize the design of single-phase multi-tarrif  multi-functional din rail power meter . The product has got the MID approved and is the best choice for industrial and civil intelligent buildings.

The Elecnova three-phase DTS1946/DTSF din rail power meter has two installation type: direct connection and CT connection. The maximum direct connection current is 100A and the standard current signal connected through CT is 5A. The measurement chip att7030a and Freescale's 8-bit MCU m68hc908lj12 are used to realize the system. The principle is as follows: the real-time voltage and current on the line are coupled by high-precision transformer, and the sampling circuit samples respectively, and then sent to the power metering chip att7030a (the A / D converter is converted into digital signal, and the power pulse is output after the special DSP operation on the chip), and the pulse is sent to the MCU, and the time-sharing active and reactive power metering and the maximum demand are completed according to the preset time interval In addition, display and output, RS485 serial are realized.


Advantages for the Din rail power meter:


Power Measuring

  • It can measure positive and negative active electric energy, and has power direction indication function

  • Electric energy is accumulated and stored according to total, peak, peak, flat and valley

  • The meter stores frozen data for 3 months

  • The default setting of the freezing and transferring date of electric energy data is 24:00 at the end of each month (frozen at the end of the month)

  • After power failure, all stored data will not be lost and can be maintained for more than 10 years



  • 7 digi  LCD display.

  • Available data for display data in turn, and the rotation time is 4 s.

  • A LED light on for the energy pulse and present TOU



With the gradual popularization of intelligent building and BAS system, the din rail power  meter will gradually replace the traditional wall mounted power meter and become the main electric energy measuring instrument in civil and commercial buildings. For the instrument industry, how to realize the wireless remote transmission of data, the effective support for a variety of wireless data transmission methods, and how to accurately and effectively control the load conduction through the di / do of the din rail power meter, so as to ensure the safety of power consumption and realize the optimization of energy consumption, are the development direction of the industry.


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