Sfere Smart Circuit Breaker Cloud Platform Introduction


Strengthening the overall control and management of terminal power distribution by enterprises is an effective means to ensure personal safety, prevent electrical fire and optimize the use of electric energy. The smart circuit breaker integrating protection, measurement and remote control is the key to realize the control and management of terminal power distribution.


Through the Internet of Things applications built by the smart circuit breaker cloud platform, gateway and circuit breaker, it supports the functions of real-time monitoring, remote control, centralized electric energy collection, rapid fault location, intelligent linkage, regular leakage self-inspection, etc., providing a low-cost and high-efficiency solution for enterprise power safety and fine energy management.


01 Features

1. Real-time centralized monitoring

2. Remote quick control

3. Scene linkage control

4. Intelligent guarantee of electrical safety 

5. Refined energy consumption management

6. Simple and convenient installation


02 System functions




03 Network structure




04 Main function

Real-time status monitoring

In order to facilitate users to understand the operation status of terminal power distribution, the platform uses the distribution box as a navigation mode to centrally display the current operation information of each distribution line. Through the real-time monitoring page, users can know the energy consumption, event change trend and statistical information of the distribution box, as well as the opening and closing status, alarm / protection events, energy consumption, current / voltage / power / temperature operation trend, timing opening and closing plan, leakage self-test and other information of each circuit breaker.




Equipment remote control

With the help of the remote opening and closing function of the smart circuit breaker, the platform can help users realize the start and stop control of the equipment; combined with the timing strategy, the user can also plan the operation plan of the equipment in advance. Users can realize personalized safety management through remote leakage self inspection, alarm / protection threshold adjustment, leakage self inspection cycle setting and other functions. The platform ensures the security of remote control operation through password security protection mechanism.




Scene linkage control

In order to meet the requirements of application scenarios such as regular batch switching on and off work, the system realizes the scene linkage control function through customized scenes and timing strategies. Users can configure multiple scenarios to meet management requirements. A single custom scenario can select multiple smart circuit breakers across gateways. Through the timing strategy, user-defined scenarios can be executed manually or automatically at a fixed time. Timed automatic execution can be executed once at a specified time or in a daily, weekly, monthly and annual cycle.




Alarm protection management

Based on the message subscription and release mode of MQTT, the platform has designed the communication mode of alarm / protection event information such as switch displacement, overcurrent, overtemperature, overvoltage, overload, short circuit and leakage of smart miniature circuit breaker, so as to ensure the rapid and reliable transmission of events. The platform pushes events to the corresponding managers in charge of the region through the event subscription service, and users can know the events in real time through the app. The platform records the occurrence and termination of events at the same time, and displays the occurrence frequency of events in the form of a trend curve.




Electric energy statistical analysis

A large amount of electric energy consumption is mainly transmitted to electric equipment through terminal power distribution lines such as lighting, socket, power and air conditioning. Terminal distribution lines are usually numerous and scattered, which leads to difficulties in safety and energy-saving management. The smart miniature circuit breaker integrating control, energy measuring and safety protection provides an ideal solution for refined energy management such as sub-item statistics of electric energy without changing the basic form of terminal power distribution. The platform realizes the functions of electric energy centralized reading, energy consumption trend, month on month analysis, visual display and so on.




Operation trend analysis

When electrical equipment is slowly aging between phases and ground insulation, electrical parameters such as leakage and voltage will change accordingly. When adding connected electrical equipment, equipment load adjustment, etc., the power distribution system may have the possibility of improper matching of rated power. In view of such hidden dangers, users can analyze the operation trend charts of various electrical parameters to identify the key risk nodes in the power distribution system, so as to prevent accidents.




Mobile APP

Through the APP, users can obtain the opening and closing status, alarm / protection events, energy consumption, real-time data of current / voltage / power, timing opening and closing plan, automatic leakage self inspection and other information of the circuit breaker anytime and anywhere.APP can also realize remote opening and closing control, leakage self-check and quick execution of preset scene linkage control.

Combined with the over-current, over-temperature, over-voltage and other early warning functions of the smart circuit breaker, users can quickly know the abnormal operation status of the equipment through the APP and take preventive measures in advance. When the opening action is caused by overload, short circuit and leakage protection of the intelligent circuit breaker, the user can immediately receive the message, quickly locate the fault point and take emergency measures.



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