Protection Components -Motor Protection Controller WDH-31-200



WDH-31-200 motor protection controller can replace thermal relay, transmitter and other electrical components, simplifying the traditional motor control and protection. Its protection range is wider, its actions are more accurate and reliable, and troubleshooting is more intuitive when a fault occurs, which can help customers quickly judge the cause of failure and reduce economic losses.



Measure three-phase current, 1 voltage, 1 residual current

10 types protection functions

2 relay outputs (1 normally open, 1 normally closed)

Standard event recording function

Support analog output function and residual current protection (choose one of two)


Model selection







Technical parameters




Product composition

WDH-31-200 motor protection controller includes the following components:

Protector body

SHI-Ⅰ three-phase current transformer (protective type, necessary)

Residual current transformer (optional)

External high current transformer (optional) - model: SHI-ZT40/SHI-ZT60, 1 set of 3 pieces, 

protection type, specification: 500A / 5A, 800A / 5A, current specification of corresponding motor protector: 5A



When the controller adds the residual current (leakage) protection function, an external residual current transformer shall be used, and each motor shall be equipped with one.

SHI-ZT30 has two current specifications: rated current 500mA (current range: 50 ~ 500mA), and rated current 5A (current range: 0.5A~5A)

SHI-ZT100 rated current is 5A (current range: 0.5A~5A)


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