Power Monitoring is a Proactive Approach to Energy Efficiency and Prevention of Malfunctioning Equipment


At present, many power control cabinets are installed outdoors. It is usually necessary to use the power monitoring system to monitor the operating parameters and operating conditions of the power cabinet in real time. The power monitoring system collects data from each substation to facilitate monitoring, so as to reduce the possibility of failure. The power monitoring system can alarm and warn the abnormal and fault of the power equipment, and check the long-term working status and working conditions of the power equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to invent a remote power monitoring system to solve the above problems.

The intelligent power monitoring system uses computer, metering MID power meters, protection device and bus technology to centrally manage the real-time data, switch status and remote control of medium and low-voltage distribution systems. The system adopts a hierarchical and distributed system structure, which is vertically divided into three layers: monitoring layer, communication network layer and field control layer. The power monitoring system uses high reliability industrial control computer, software and hardware system, high-performance field bus technology and network communication technology. The whole system is safe, stable and reliable, and easy to use and maintain.

The following takes the electrical intelligent power monitoring system as an example to introduce the functions and applications of the intelligent power monitoring system.

Friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

The standard power transformation and distribution system has a CAD single line diagram to display the wiring situation of the medium and low voltage distribution network; the huge power monitoring system has the function of multi screen switching and screen navigation; the decentralized power distribution system has the system main screen of spatial geographical plane. The main screen can directly display the operation status of each circuit, and has the functions of live circuit, non charged circuit and fault coloring. The main electrical parameters are directly displayed on the human-computer interface and refreshed in real time.

User Management

Intelligent power monitoring system software can give different permissions to users of different levels, so as to ensure the security and reliability of the system in the process of operation. For example, the closing / opening operation of an important circuit, the operator level user needs to input the operation password, as well as  the engineer level user needs to input the confirmation password before completing the operation.

Data acquisition and processing

The intelligent power monitoring system can collect the electrical parameters and switching state of field MID power meters in real time and regularly (including three phase voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, electric energy, temperature, switch position, equipment operation status, etc.). The data acquisition is mainly completed by the bottom multi-functional network instrument. The collected data is displayed directly or new intuitive data information is generated through statistical calculations (total system power, maximum load, upper and lower limits of power factor, etc.), and important information is stored in a database.

Trend curve analysis

The intelligent power monitoring system provides two kinds of curve analysis interfaces: real-time curve analysis and historical trend analysis. The current load operation status of the circuit is analyzed by calling the real-time curve interface of the relevant circuits. For example, by calling the real-time curve of a distribution circuit, the signal fluctuation caused by the electrical equipment of the circuit can be analyzed. The historical trend of the system means that the system can view the historical trend of all the stored data, which is convenient for engineers to analyze the quality of the monitored distribution network.

Report management

The intelligent power monitoring system has a standard electric energy report format, and can design the report format according to the user's needs, and the system can make statistics automatically. It can automatically generate various types of real-time operation report, historical report, event fault and alarm record report, operation record report, etc. it can query and print all data values recorded by the power monitoring system, and automatically generate daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reports of electric energy. It can also generate electric energy rate report according to the time period of multiple rate and the set value of rate. The starting point and interval of query printing can be set by yourself; the system design can also customize the report output function to meet different requirements according to the user's needs.

Event recording and fault alarm

The intelligent power monitoring system has detailed recording function for all user operation, switch displacement, parameter out of limit and other user's actual demand events, including the time and location of the event, whether the event is confirmed by the current duty personnel, and the sound alarm function is also provided for the switch position, parameter out of limit and other information. At the same time, it can automatically send control instructions to the operating equipment Show the operator on duty to remove the fault quickly.

Five remote functions

The intelligent power monitoring system can not only realize the conventional "remote signaling", "remote control", "remote measurement" and "remote adjustment" functions, but also realize the "remote setting" function.

The power monitoring system takes computer, communication equipment, MID power meters, and measurement and control unit as the basic tools, which provides a basic platform for real-time data acquisition, switch state detection and remote control of power transformation and distribution system. It can form any complex monitoring system with detection and control equipment, which plays a core role in power transformation and distribution monitoring, and can help enterprises eliminate isolated islands, reduce operating costs, and improve the quality of operation High production efficiency, speed up the abnormal response speed in the process of power transformation and distribution.

The development and reliability of the power supply and distribution industry play an important role in the development of the national economy. The rapid increase in users of key engineering projects, landmark buildings, and large-scale public facilities across the country has an impact on the reliability and safety of the power supply and distribution system. So that higher requirements are put forward for the reliability, safety, real-time, ease of use, compatibility, and reduction of the scope of the fault influence of the power supply and distribution system. The power management system has become the choice of users of engineering projects, landmark buildings / large-scale public facilities, schools and so on.


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