Measuring Power with Digital Power Meter


With the further development of electronic information technology and the maturity of some new energy/clear energy power generation technologies such as the solar energy and wind power energy. The power supply system has much higher requirements for the measurement accuracy of electrical parameters. The conventional analog power meter can not meet the requirements , so the intelligent digital power meter has become a new trend for the power measuring instrument.


Advantages of the intelligent digital power meter


1,Saving electricity cost: users can make full use of the difference between peak and valley electricity prices to customize their own power consumption scheme, so as to use the same electricity and spend the least money.


2,Easy billing and transparent consumption: users can query the current electricity price and the amount of remaining electricity charges in real time on their own electricity meters, so that they can easily master the electricity consumption information and make clear consumption


3,Fast and convenient payment: users can charge in each business hall, payment is convenient


4,Avoid power failure in arrears: when the balance is insufficient, the smart meter will automatically and timely alarm the user to pay and recharge, so as to avoid the loss caused by the overdue power failure.


5,Rapid recovery after power failure: after the power failure, users only need to insert the power card after recharging to restore power supply without waiting for the staff to operate on site, thus reducing the waiting time


6,The payment cycle is more flexible: smart meters can be used together with the electricity purchase card, which can really realize that users can charge as much as they want, no longer need to pay in the business hall every month


7,Avoid personal wrong operation: smart meter can settle accounts according to the user's electricity consumption, and avoid the possible errors caused by the traditional manual meter reading method


8,Effective prevention of meter failure: through the remote information transmission function of smart meter, the power staff can monitor the working state of electric meter in real time, find out the fault of electric meter in time, and avoid the loss to users.


Main functionality of the intelligent digital power meter


Intelligent digital power meters are different from traditional meters in that they have two-way real-time communication function and interactivity, which makes it possible to implement step tariff. For example: the power supply department can release the real-time price information to the customers through the smart meter, and the electricity consuming customers can reasonably use the electricity; the power supply department can regularly and regularly release the electricity consumption records to the customers through the intelligent electricity meter, and the power consumers can timely grasp the electricity consumption information, which can save the electricity; on the contrary, the power customers can also upload the information to the power supply department through the smart meter In the near future, cooperating with the power supply department to formulate the power consumption plan can reduce the reserve capacity of the power grid and improve the economic benefits of the power grid. Of course, customers can also purchase electricity remotely.


In addition to the power control function and information interaction function, the intelligent power meter also has the function of helping customers automatically realize the intelligent power consumption control. For example: communication control of smart home appliances, according to the parameters of different electricity prices, start and stop household appliances automatically; by changing the use time of high-power electrical equipment, to achieve the purpose of saving electricity charges.


Intelligent digital power meter is a kind of green meter. Because of its demand response function, users can not only save energy, but also improve energy utilization efficiency according to the information fed back by the meter, which plays an important role in energy conservation and emission reduction and sustainable development of power grid in the future. At the same time, the State Grid Corporation of China plans to build a unified and strong smart grid, which also brings unprecedented opportunities to the development of domestic metering and power consumption information acquisition equipment and system. With the acceleration of the construction of smart grid, the research and promotion of domestic manufacturers in the field of intelligent digital meters will set off a new upsurge.


The SCloudview  management system is based on Elecnova intelligent digital power meters, which helps the owners to realize the easy management of the property, and saves the management cost and energy consumption for the owners. With the promotion and implementation of smart grid policy, real estate continues to improve, add new functions, follow the government policy to create a new intelligent property management for the majority of owners!


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