IMCC core components--Motor Protection Relay


Elecnova WDH-31-210 motor protection relay is a core control device for the Asynchronous motor which is widely at the mining, petrochemical, paper making and food processing industries. The WDH-31-210 motor protection relay can support 5-circuit programmable digital input (dry contact) and 4-circuit programmable relay output. All input and output have programmable functions to meet the different protection and control requirements on site. All protection functions can set alarm values and action values at the same time, and can be switched on and off respectively. Protection parameters can be set by professionals according to the actual working conditions of the motor on site without loss of power.

The WDH-31-210 motor protection relay could be installed in the drawer type cabinet, an optional HIM could be fix on the panel. The user could configure the motor protection relay by the HMI or by the PC software. Plenty communication protocol is available, defaulted with Modbus-RTU, the user could chose Profitbus-DP, Profitnet and TCP/IP communication to the PLC register. 





  • 12 types protection functions

  • 5-circuit programmable switching value input

  • 4-circuit programmable relay output

  • Full Chinese human-machine interface, convenient parameter setting

  • Optional anti-shake function module can be added, and the maximum power failure time can reach 15s


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Main body & Accessories

WDH-31-210 series motor protection reley contains the following components:

  • Protector main body

  • SHI01- Ⅲ/I three-phase current transformer (protective type, necessary)

  • External high current transformer (used in case of high current), model: SHI-ZT40/ SHI-ZT60, 1 set of 3, protective type, specification: 500A/5A, 800A/5A

  • Residual current transformer (optional)


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