How PMS system accelerate the modern building energy optimization


System Overview

The power monitoring system (PMS) integrates various terminal hardware such as smart meter, comprehensive protection device, intelligent circuit breaker, temperature control instrument, etc., through network communication equipment to realize data acquisition, remote control, event alarm, data analysis and other business functions, thus improving the user's comprehensive management level of power transformation and distribution.


The system monitors the user's site, circuit and equipment in all directions and in all periods of time, records all parameters and state changes in real time, and notifies the event in time. It plays the core role of power monitoring and management to help users obtain data comprehensively, control the state in real time, reduce operation and maintenance costs, improve work efficiency and speed up the response speed of electrical abnormalities, which greatly improves the reliability, safety and intelligence of the distribution system.


Product Features



Functional Framework



Network Architecture



System Functions

Real time monitoring

Real time monitoring is the core functional module of the power monitoring system, by which users can grasp the operation situation of monitored items, stations and circuits, and build a "fast channel" between users and data.

Gateway equipment + terminal equipment is used to build a monitoring network, giving full play to the portability of mobile terminal, real-time and all-directions operation of monitoring and data query.



Operation analysis

Through horizontal comparison, vertical comparison, extreme value analysis and other multi-dimensional statistical data query, a variety of professional analysis of massive data, visualization of data trends, mining power data value.



Event management

All kinds of events occurred in operation can be recorded and queried. Combined with the mobile terminal, it can realize the depth integration of online and offline, monitor the operation status of the equipment, push the alarm immediately and automatically, and accurately locate, check and handle the events.



Other functions

Project overview: present the project operation status in the form of map according to the project address, and comprehensively present the project operation data and information.

Energy analysis: conduct multi-dimensional analysis and comparison of the energy consumption of the project, and provide powerful data support for users to grasp the energy consumption of each electricity link.

Model configuration: freely and flexibly configure the data monitoring model and energy consumption processing model to realize data monitoring, energy calculation and data analysis.

Authority management: through the dual configuration of user role and data authority, the user system authority scope can be accurately configured to realize the precise management of system authority and improve the system data security.


Mobile applications

Give full play to the characteristics of mobile portability, realize data query, event real-time reminder, event processing registration and other functions to help users grasp the operation status of the power distribution system at any time.

System overview:

Grasp the number of system access items, the number of devices and current events.

▕ Number of message notifications

▕ Number of access items

▕ Number of online devices

▕ Number of offline devices

▕ Current number of events

▕ Current event information


Real time monitoring

Check the real-time data of projects, stations and circuits, and grasp the operation trend

You can view the electric energy profile, including today's electric energy, yesterday's electric energy, and link comparison data; communication profile: gateway number and online rate, equipment number and online rate; number of event types and total number of events; you can search for the corresponding site loop to view data, obtain the terminal monitoring equipment operation parameters (remote measure), and operation status (remote communication), grasp the loop electrical operation situation, and remind in real time when an event occurs.


Comprehensive analysis

Query the multi-dimensional analysis results of operation data, power data and power quality data

▕ Operation analysis: analyze and display terminal equipment operation parameters, including operation report, horizontal comparison, vertical comparison, extreme value analysis and other functions.

▕ Energy analysis: conduct multi-dimensional analysis and comparison of the energy consumption of the project, including energy statistics, year-on-year analysis, ring comparison analysis and energy centralized collection.

▕ Power quality analysis: analyze the harmonics in power quality, display the total harmonic distortion rate of voltage and current, harmonic content of voltage and current, harmonic content rate of voltage and current, etc


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