Easy PFC-Intelligent reactive power compensation control terminal


01 Introduction

WGK-31-700 reactive power compensation control terminal is a set of equipment specially used for power factor correction and reactive power compensation, with the function of automatic detection and control of reactive power. The professional control and management of power quality are realized through advanced visual analysis and calculation tools and advanced power quality monitors.




02 Product advantages

Real-time monitoring and control

The dynamic user interface combines real-time display and control functions to compensate the operation status of the module, so as to achieve more effective control and higher operation efficiency.



Harmonic analysis

Realize 2-31st harmonic data analysis in the form of graphs and tables.




Safe and stable

Fault tolerance is realized through software architecture redundancy, network redundancy and communication redundancy, to ensure data reliability. Monitor the power factor fluctuation within the set time range and compare the power factor before and after compensation.


Alarm trigger

The alarm is triggered based on specific conditions, and the independent screen alarm prompts to record the event and all related data in sequence.



21 channels of level control output or intelligent capacitor networking control.


Operation and maintenance management

Capacitor module replacement reminder, residual capacity and cumulative operation time calculation, provide first-hand data for on-site maintenance personnel to ensure the safe operation of reactive power compensation.



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