Intersolar Europe EES2024 Elecnova Presents Comprehensive Energy Solutions 2024 Jun.28

From June 19 to 21, local time in Germany, the highly anticipated 2024 Munich International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition (Intersolar Europe 2024) opened brilliantly. As a top international event in the energy storage and photovoltaic fields, Intersolar Europe has attracted industry elites and enterprises from all over the world to gather together.


The focus of this exhibition is photovoltaics, energy storage, solar thermal technology and solar power plants. At this exhibition, we showcase our full range of energy storage products and solutions, committed to providing high-quality customized products and services for various energy consumption scenarios on the power generation side, grid side, and user side. Jointly discussing the latest developments and trends in application scenarios, exploring innovation and identifying potential possibilities, we look forward to injecting new vitality into the photovoltaic market in Europe.


Elecnova has been deeply involved in overseas markets, taking Europe as the key market for its global business, and has focused on investing a large amount of advantageous resources.

At present, we have started to layout in Western Europe, Northern Europe and other regions, and have established localized marketing and after-sales service teams in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. We will continue to invest heavily and gradually improve our team building in Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, and other regions, in order to respond promptly to local customer needs.




ECO-E215WS Integrated Air-cooled ESS Cabinet

All in one, in-depth self-research

The ECO-E215WS air-cooled energy storage integrated cabinet system adopts the design concept of "All in One", which integrates long-life battery cells, high-efficiency balanced BMS, high-performance PCS, active safety system, intelligent distribution system, and thermal management system into a single cabinet. It can operate safely, stably, and reliably for a long time. Through parallel connection on the AC side, the capacity of the energy storage power station can be flexibly deployed.



ECO-E233LS All-in-one Liquid-cooled ESS Cabinet

Efficient heat dissipation and flexible expansion

The liquid-cooled energy storage integrated cabinet adopts an advanced single-cabinet independent liquid-cooling control scheme and thermal management strategy. The temperature difference of the entire cabinet's battery cells is less than 3 ℃, further improving the system's group consistency and extending the battery cell life. Modular design makes parallel solutions more flexible and has a higher energy density, significantly improving the economy, security, and deployment convenience of energy storage projects.




High on-site attention



During this exhibition, Elecnova signed strategic cooperation agreements with partners in Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and established connections with more than 100 European companies, with business scope covering Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Poland and other countries.


Elecnova combines the local European team with the domestic business team to jointly develop the European market. Currently, it is gradually exploring the business profit model of industrial and commercial energy storage projects in major markets. Based on its own product advantages and relying on a professional technical team, it actively participates in project design and program formulation, assists local partners in completing the smooth delivery of projects, and helps owners and investors clarify key links such as return on investment.


We always take innovation as the engine to provide customers with a one-stop industrial and commercial distributed energy storage battery system solution with high safety, high reliability, high efficiency, and long cycle life. We will always keep up with the trend of industry progress, persistently lead technological breakthroughs and market expansion, and fight side by side with global industrial partners. With excellent thinking and innovative momentum, we will jointly light up the infinite future of global clean energy development.

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