LoRa Wireless Communication Module

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LoRa Wireless Communication Module
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Power Quality Monitoring
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wireless data transmission industrial wireless system data transmission smart building

Product Name: SC2 LoRa Wireless Communication Module

Elecnvoa SC2 LoRa wireless communication module, it's an independant communication gateway for general data acqusition, and it's an optional module for the Elecnova energy anlayzer PD194Z-E20 and PD194Z-E14 for wireless data connectivity.  The Elecnova SC2 LoRa gateway applies a serial port for data transmission which reduces the threshold  for wireless applications. It achieves one-to-one or one-to-more data transmission for real time power monitoring system.              

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1. One-to-one Mode

Three conditions must be met for the sender and receiver of data transparent communication:

1) Same frequency band

2) Same frequency

3) Same rate

Use the USB to 485 tool to connect the LoRa communication gateway A and B to the serial device (replaced by a PC), install the antenna on the LoRa communication gateway, and then power on.



2. One-to-more Mode

1) Applicable scenarios: data collection for power meters

2) Applicable mode: transparent transmission mode

3) Matching products: can be matched with smart wireless power meters

Power Meter → Slave → Master → PC software

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The related software involved is as follows:

SmartHMI: Elecnova small gateway configuration tool, which integrates configuration, debugging, and monitoring function.

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