WDH-31-580 Motor Protection Controller

The Product Name:
WDH-31-580 Motor Protection Controller
The Product Type:
Motor Control & Protection
Corresponding field:
intelligent motor protection controller automation control/ MCC industrial facilities production utilities power protection

Rated voltage of motor 
AC 380V or AC 660V,50Hz
Rated current of motor
Insulation resistor
Safe Power Supply
Working range
Power consumption

Environment Condition

Operating temperature
Relative humidity
Storage temperature
IP degree
controllert:IP20,display module:IP65

Protection Accuracy

±1% of setting value
Thermal capacity
±1% of setting value
Delayed acting time
When delayed acting value  <2s:±100ms
When delayed acting value ≥ 2s:±5%
Control Relay
Contact capacity
AC 250V/8A
Signal Relay
Contact capacity
AC 250V/3A
Analog Output
DC 4~20mA,RL≤350Ω


Product Name: WDH-31-580 Motor Protection Controller

WDH-31-580 series intelligent motor protection control system (WDH580 in short) is a particular control system provides complete protect and control functionalities for the asynchronous motors as for the following specification.

Product combination: main control module, measuring module, DI/DO module and display module


Measuring module, implementing the measuring of all electric parameters, residual current, isolating resistance and temperature in the power distribution circuit of the motor.

Main control module, implementing the motor protection, control, data communication and management functions.

An optional module for enlarge the number of DI and relay to achive the comprehensive logical control.

HMI for optional choice


  • Low voltage three phase AC motor

  • Motor independent control box or MCC cabinet

  • Reversing and Reduced voltage applications                                     

  • Industrial automation, such as belt-transportation,mixing system etc.

  • Fire pumps and fans


  • Modular and component structure design, compact size, flexible installation

  • Fundamental/full wave current measuring and protection alternative

  • Internal residual current transformer(CT) in the the measuring module (WM1), DO NOT require an extra residual CT and the outer wiring.

  • Measuring motor isolating resistance (Optional)

  • Internal multiple protection function,protection drop out, alarm and trip functions were programmable

  • Various type of motor start control, single-step start (directional/bi-directinal), double-step start (Star-delta/ soft start combination etc)

  • Under voltage restart,automatic start for power connection(close loop)ensure nonstop running of the motor.

  • Large number of I/O maximum 12 circuit programmable DI, 8 circuit programmable DO

  • 2 circuit of programmable analog output at 4~20mA

  • SOE record, trip, alarm, stop/start, DI switch

  • 320ms(16 Cycle/6circuit)fault recorder

  • RS485 interface,Modbus-RTU / Profibus-DP protocol optional

  • A switches Ethernet interface is avalible for the Modbus-TCP protocol(Optional)

  • PC software for the parameter configuration and commissioning 



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