S15 small gateway multiple protocol bus device

The Product Name:
S15 small gateway multiple protocol bus device
The Product Type:
Energy Management System
Corresponding field:
wireless data transmission industrial wireless system data transmission smart building

Product Name: S15 small gateway multiple protocol bus device

S15-X-L gateway is a small gateway device that can collect multiple protocol bus devices and upload data to cloud platform or local HMl display. Its supporting SmartHMI ool supports configuration of the connected devices and monitring therdata orstatus. The product is mainly used to collect intelligent measurement and control, power quality, electrical safety product data, communicate with the monitoring system through the Ethernet port implement wirelss networking through the LoRa interface, and upload to the HMI platform through 2G, 4G, NB-IoT wireless methods.



 Main function 

■ Multi-agreement: support MODBUS-RTUMODBUS-TCP、DLT645、MQTT etc.

■ Support not less than 4000 data point acquisition.

■ Status monitoring: you can see if the communication management machine under the hanging device is online.

■ Value display: you can view the value of the specific point of the online device.

■ Message debugging: manual message debugging.

■ Firmware upgrade: update firmware can be implemented via ethernet.

■ Configuration send: configuration update can be implemented via Ethernet.



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